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Great print shop quality
with a heart for your mission.

We Love Making Things

As our flagship brand, Sock Religious, grew and we began manufacturing and making our own products, it quickly became our passion to make beautiful, high-quality, joyful products that start conversations. Over the years, we’ve acquired the machinery, expertise, and people to produce and deliver products we love to our customers. We want to use our resources to partner alongside you and your ministry! As a company founded by people and full of employees with backgrounds in ministry, we understand the value of having high quality apparel for events, retreats, mission trips, camps, sports teams, or ministries. There are so many good things happening in the Church and we are passionate about using our resources to partner with you! Need a memorable t-shirt for a retreat, custom socks for a parish anniversary, or stickers for a youth group? Partner with us and see the difference of working with people who have been there. People who believe in what you are doing and are here to serve you with care and compassion. What are you waiting for?

The Story Behind Our Name

The name “4 Marks Printing” was inspired by the Catholic Church and the screen printing industry! “4 Marks” is a reference to the four marks of the Catholic Church: One, Holy, Catholic, and Apostolic. If you look closely at our logo you can see symbols that represent that: “OHCA” that also resemble registration marks. Registration marks are vital when printing because it ensures the images line up perfectly for a beautiful final product. We can't wait to start making beautiful products for you!

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